BACKLUND primarily Advices regarding Sustainable Sanitary Solutions/Ecological Sanitation and production and usage of Short Rotation Energy Crops Irrigated and Fertilized with Wastewater, Sludge, Human Urine and Manure.

BACKLUND has Experience with Wastewater and many Wastewater Projects since 1986, among others Willow Evapotranspiration Projects 2009 - 2011 for Næstved Municipality, NK-Spildevand A/S, Niras A/S og Nielsen & Risager A/S and many Projects for EU and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency "Miljøstyrelsen". We assist:

  • ADVISERS and ENGINEERING FIRMS with Special Knowledge in Projects.
  • AUTHORITIES like municipalities with Development of Competences regarding Sustainable Sanitary Solutions for Rural Areas and Allotment Gardens and Cottages Without Sewers.
  • AID ORGANISATIONS by Supplying Special Knowledge and Experience to the Planning and Implementation of Sanitary Projects in Developing Countries.
  • SCHOOLS and UNIVERSITIES by Assisting in Planning of and Lecturing in special subjects related to Ecological Sanitation / Sustainable Sanitation in Environmental Education and Sociological and Political Science Questions of Public Participation and Decision Making in Developing Countries and in Hyper Complex Modern Risk Societies.
  • USERS by Selection of Technology and Applications.
  • PRODUCERS in Development of Products and Estimation of Market Potential in Near Contact to Potential Users and Authorities.

"On-Site Wastewater Treatment Research" "Assessment of disposal options for treated wastewater from single houses on low permeability subsoils".
 Research project "Science, Technology, Research & Innovation for the Environment" (STRIVE).

BACKLUND take part in the 3-year Research Project (2011 - 2014)  in Ireland for the Irish EPA.

Arne Backlund is an External Expert Member of the Project Team in co-operation with 3 Irish Universities and contributes with Expert Knowledge about Willow Evapotranspiration Systems and Sustainable Sanitation / Ecological Sanitation.

Appendix to Wastewater Plan Number 2/September 2011 - Klinteby and Karrebækstorp. Næstved Municipality. Assessment regarding Willow Evapotranspiration Systems regarding technology and economy. Project and consultancy work (2010-2011) for Niras A/S and Næstved Municipality.

Willow Evapotranspiration Systems compared to Traditional Wastewater Sewage Systems for rural houses as foreseen in the approved Appendix to current wastewater plans in Næstved municipality from 2009. Project and consultancy work (2009-2010) for Nielsen & Risager and NK-Forsyning A/S.

Dewatering of Bio-Sludge in GeoTubes Planted with Willow.

Arne Backlund contributes with knowledge and Willow (2010) to a Test Site at Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in Næstved.

Willow Evapotranspiration Systems and Sustainable Sanitary Solutions.

Arne Backlund Advices (2009-2010) Næstved Municipality regarding Alternatives to Central Wastewater Solutions Based on Sewers.   

ORIO - Organic Residuals - Closing the Loop of Resources.

Arne Backlund assists Cowi Norway (Interconsult) with Expert Knowledge (2005) to the reports:

  • Types of Systems Tested in the Kolon-Project.
  • Composting of Sludge and Weet Organic Waste.
  • Odour Problems Related to Wastewater Treatment - Composting and Landfill.

 Helsingborg INTERREG - Handbook about Urine Diversion

Arne Backlund contributes with expert knowledge about Sustainable Sanitary Solutions (2004-2005) to Swedish Consultants as a part of a INTERREG IIIA-Project in “Reduction of Nutrient Transport by Sustainable Pollution Control" (in Danish and Swedish). 

Measures to reduce the effects of water pollution in the Sound Region 

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