BIOKUB Composter


The natural solution for composting of kitchen scraps as well as organic garden material and faeces from dry diverting toilets.

Composting is natures own way by means of micro-organisms to transform waste to a soil conditioner and fertilizers. The quantity of household waste can be reduced by 50 %. BIOKUB consists of shape blown building elements of 100% recycled UV-stabilized Polytylenplast.

BIOKUB is supplied with two alternative types of insulating material., and either a grated plastic bottom plate or a solid bottom.

When the Swedish ICA-kuriren tested composters in No. 13/1999 they found BIOKUB to be the best. BIOKUB was also the  best in test in "Råd och Rön" Nr. 7/2003.


HOW TO START COMPOSTING  Where possible place the composter in a shadow place to avoid that the compost gets to warm. Put a 15 cm layer of brushwood and twig at the bottom of the composter to ensure that air can enter the compost and ventilate it.

Don't just put solely kitchen waste ore solely garden waste in your composter. It is advantageous to compost about 50% of each and preferably- add some soil. This will permit the micro-organism from the soil to mix with the carbon contained in the garden waste. The compost must not be dried out but should have a consistency of a squeezed sponge. Water should be added when required. For airing and opening-up of the material a BIOKUB airing-screw can be supplied.

The emptying is easy. The upper not yet composted material is shovelled out and placed at the side of the composter. A few elements are lifted off to facilitate the transport of the ready material to a wheel barrow. When the composter is emptied the elements are rinsed and the lifted-off elements are put back. Finally the not yet composted material, placed at the side of the composter, is shovelled back and the composter is again in function.




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