BACKLUND - Arctic Military Station North - Inspired by the local - Villum Research Station - Station North - located about 900 km from the North Pole will now also install 2 Separett Villa 9000 Diverting Sanitary Systems delivered from BACKLUND.

BACKLUND Worldwatch Institute Europe & URBIA June 9th Awarded Copenhagen Rooftop Farm ØsterGro in the category People's Choice and second best Danish Urban Practice in the category Green Innovation in the first annual URBIA Award 2015. Backlund ApS congratulate the great team and is happy to contribute with advice regarding Ecological Sanitation and together with Separett to sponsor a Diverting Dry Toilet Separett Villa 9000.  

  BACKLUND - Visit during a stay in Copenhagen the Organic Restaurant STEDSANS CLEAN SIMPLE LOCAL  and the 600 m2 Organic Rooftop Urban Farming ØsterGro -  with vegetables, checkens and beehives on 4th. floor. After a dinner with 6 dishes you can test our dry diverting sanitary system with a Separett Villa 9000 just installed in May 2015.  Already around year 2000 our famous Mette Plum installed an earlier modell of the Separett Villa on her Organic Farm "Fuglebjerggaard" in North Sealand.  The Dry Diverting Toilet is still running and can be tested among others visiting the connected cafe "Palais des Poulets".  

BACKLUND - Arctic Research Center - Villum Research Station - Station North - located about 900 km from the North Pole is allready up and running but will be officially opened in August/September 2015 with Arctic Condition Sanitary Systems delivered from BACKLUND -  5  Separett Flame 8000 + 1 Separett Villa 9000 + 1  Separett Freeze 2000.    


  Backlund NIRAS NORDECO Arrangement September 2014

Ecological Sanitation - Natural Resources Management for Sustainable Development with 20 participants from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Myanmar and Uganda visiting Organic Alotment Garden "Slottet" (The Castle).

BACKLUND deliver Summer 2014 - 5 Separett Flame 8000, 1 Separett Villa 9000 and 1 Separett Freeze 2000 -  to Arctic Conditions as the Sanitary Toilet Solution on the Research Station North in North Greenland see

BACKLUND deliver 2014 3 Separett 9000 Diverting Toilets without water flush to the Sarfannguit School located om an Island 40 km outside Sisimiut on the west coast of Greenland. BACKLUND in 2006 visited Sisimiut and Sarfannguit to introduce the also for arctic conditions suited solution which now is considered with growing interest and often planned combined with burning the diverted dry collected feces. see


"On-Site Wastewater Treatment Research" "Assessment of disposal options for treated wastewater from single houses on low permeability subsoils".
Research Project "Science, Technology, Research & Innovation for the Environment" (STRIVE).  

BACKLUND take part in the 3-year Research Project (2011 - 2014)  in Ireland for the Irish EPA.

Arne Backlund is an external Expert Member of the Project Team in co-operation with 3 Irish Universities and contributes with Expert Knowledge about Willow Evapotranspiration Systems and Sustainable Sanitation / Ecological Sanitation.

"Water saving technologies to reduce water consumption and wastewater production in Irish households" STRIVE Report Series no 108 waterconsumptionandwastewaterproduction.html  and "Improving the feasibility of on-site wastewater treatment systems in areas of low permeability subsoils by means of water saving technologies" The 11th IWA  Conference on Small Water & Wastewater Systems and Sludge Management.

BioM EU/Intereg IV/A-Project. Arne Backlund presents in Ringkøbing Denmark (oktober 2011) irrigation and fertilization of Willow Energy Plantations with Wastewater, Sludge and Human Urin organized in a PPP-Model (Public Private Partnership) including Municipality; Wastewater Treatment Plant, Central Heating Plant and Private Farmers drowing Energy Willows.

Appendix to Wastewater Plan Number 2/September 2011 - Klinteby and Karrebækstorp. Assessment regarding willow evapotranspiration systems regarding technology and economy. Project and consultancy work for Niras A/S and Næstved municipality. 2010 - 2011.

Willow Evapotranspiration Systems compared to Traditional Wastewater Sewage Systems for rural houses as foreseen in the approved Appendix to current wastewater plans in Næstved municipality from 2009.

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