Selected Diverting Waterless Toilets   


Separett "VILLA" 9000/9010



With the new "Villa" 9000/9010, the standard for environmentally friendly diverting toilets without water flush has been set higher than ever. In terms of design, stability, comfort and use, it is the equal of a modern WC.

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 WM "ES"

"ES" the very nice and known diverting porcelain toilet stool. "ES" is to be combined with a collection/composting unit. The toilet stool is used in many ecological settlements.


WM "ES-Well"

"ES-Well" is an application with "ES" which does not need space under the house. The container is housed immediately under the toilet stool. 


WM "ES - AM"




A combination of a very nice porcelain toilet stool and an insulated box unit with a 80 liters container to be placed under the floor   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ES + M  A combination of a porcelain toilet stool and a stainless steal composting unit


       BIOKUB Composter a king size rectangular thermo insulated composting unit, 420 litres, for residuals from garden and kitchen and faeces from dry diverting toilets. Produced in 100 % recirculated UV-stabilized polythylen plastic.        
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