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Sylvis Döttrar, Café on Fårö island in Sweden

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EcoVac toilet system with 2 WC
The Sylvis Döttrar Café is one of Gotland's busiest cafés and get thousands of visitors every summer (and also only toilet visitors) that comes to the extremely beautiful island of Fårö.
What kind of toilets did you have before?
Regular low-flush toilets. But there was still a lot of water being used for them. 5 liters I think it was.
Why did you get EcoVac toilets?
We've got septic tanks and because there are not so many toilets at Fårö, they are very busy, even by those who are not only our guests. We had costs of emptying of $ 7,000 each summer. We got the highest fee because we had to have 2 emptyings a week. Then you get an "emergency exit" even if you place your order in May or April, it does not matter. In particular, we save water, which is a shortage here in Gotland. We have our own well and no possibility of connecting ourselves to other waters. That was also the reason we chose them.
How much money have you saved on fewer tank emptying?
The toilets paid themselves after the first summer so it was an investment. Now we have only need to empty the tank three to four tank times per summer. (instead of 2 times a week)
Since the entire region of Gotland has very little water, the EcoVac vacuum toilet is the perfect choice to save up to 95% water.
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