Lectures, Presents, arranges Workshops, contributes to Educational  Programs and Arranges Site Visits for Authorities, Organisations, Schools, Universities, Companies and Other Interested Groups.

Until now we have had activities in: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Rusia, Estonia, Lithuania, Israel, Uganda and Cuba.

Backlund presents Results and Experience from several Own Pojects(see Projects, Reports and Articles)  in different countries and assist among others Shools and Universities by Planning and Teaching in Special Subjects related to Environmental Education and a Metabolic Shift transcending a Metabolic Rift regarding Food, Nutrients, Water and Soil.

Focus is not only on Technology and Streams of Material but also on Decision Making Processes and Participation:

  • Sustainable Sanitation/Ecological Sanitation
  • Linking Ecological Sanitation and Permaculture
  • Linking Ecological Sanitation and Agroecology
  • PeeCycling/BeerCycling - Recycling Human Urine to farming soil
  • Diverting toilets, Vcuum Systems and Waterless Urinals
  • Zero Excharge Willow Wastewater Evapotranspiration Systems
  • Multifunctional Short Rotation Energy Willow Plantations
  • Removing Cadmium with Willow
  • Resource Recovery from Wastewater
  • Experiences from Scandinavia

Lecture (2018) KKL "The Toilet Man Presents Play & Metabolism with Willow" 

Lecture (2018) Rotary "Diverting Toilet Solutions and use of Collected Urine as Fertilizer in future projects among others in School gardens in Sri Lanka"

Lecture (2018) Engineers Without Borders DK "Linking Ecological Sanitation & Food Sovereignty in IUG/EWG-DK Projects Rethinking Ecological Sanitation for Rural areas in Developing Countries 

Lectures (2008-2017) in Environmental Engineering on the subject "Sustainable Sanitation"/"Ecological Sanitation" From a Metabolic Rift/Metabolic Shift Perspective at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 

Lecture (2017) Resource Recovery from Wastewater Taking Out Human Urine Using Diverting Toilets and Waterless Urinals (PeeCycling) at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. 

Lecture (2011) Refleks or Reflektion - Looking for Visionary & Innovative Approaches? at a Short Rotation Energy Willow Seminar in Ringkoebing, Denmark. 

Lecture (2010) on Sustainable Sanitation at "Center for Creative Ecology" inKibbutz Lotan, Arava Valey, Israel. 

Lectures (1999-2007) in Sustainable Sanitation, Zero Discharge Willow Wastewater Evapotranspiration Systems and Multifunctionel Short Rotation Energy Willow Plantations Irrigated with Wastewater, Sludge and Human Urine at Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark. 

Presentation (2006) regarding Sustainable Arctic Sanitation at Greenland Innovation Center, Sisimiut, Greenland. 

Presentations (2001 and 2003) at International Environmental Conferences at Kalmar University, Kalmar, Sweden. 

Presentation (2003) at International ECOSAN- Conference in Lübeck, Germany. 

Presentation (2002) at International Environmental Conference at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg, Rusia. 

Presentation (2001) at International Environmental Conference at Siauliai University, Siauliai, Lithuania. 

Presentation (1999) at "The ALTHENER Agricultural and Forestry Biomass Network" AFB Workshop, Athens, Greece. 

Presentation (1999) at an Arrangement Educating Belgian and French Architects in Site Specific Sustainable Sanitation, Bruxelles, Belgium. 

Presentation (1995) at Environmental Seminar arranged by Leipziger Innovations- und Technologiezentrum in Leipzig, Germany.

Presentations and Lectures

Are you interested in having Arne to do a presentation or to lecture at your univerisity, workplace, community etc.

Be welcome to contact us!

Selected presentations

Presentation (2020) Engineers Without Borders Denmark "IUG WASH & FOOD"

Zero Discharge Willow Wastewater Evapotranspiration Systems - Billeberga, Sweden April 19th. 2013

From the first known ”unknown” system in 1991/1992 to best known practice in 2013 Recommended by Authorities in Denmark for Highest Demands

Presentation at Wexford County Ireland November 21th. 2007

Rethinking Sanitation - Ecological sanitation - Sustainable Sanitation - From a Metabolic Rift Towards a Metabolic Shift
Trinity College Dublin 2016

One of the lectures from 1999 - 2007 at Technical University of Denmark - DTU

Selected Lectures

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