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Incinerating  Toilet CINDI

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CINDI® Basic informs you of what state it’s in or if it requires any special attention via a button and a series of light signals. Additional information can be found in the manual.

CINDI® Basic is optimized for your cottage and/or Tiny house but can also be installed in your home or in a quest house. It has the capability of handling the humanure from up to 6 persons on a regular basis. The toilet is used whenever it’s needed, even if someone has just visited it. The toilet keeps track on the number of visits and adapts the incineration time to ensure that the waste product is always ash. It is therefore important to start the incineration program after each visit.

The following is included with the toilet: Long bend Ø110 mm 90°, cleaning brush, dimensional drawing, 100 in no. bags, windcowl, chisel, O-ring and extra fuses.


CINDI Basic video

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