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EcoDry toilet raises the standard in the holiday house to make it feel like home. A modern ceramic toilet that is designed to be as convenient and hygienic as possible. A durable design that remains fresh even after many years of use. 

EcoDry is the obvious choice for those who need a fresh and modern eco-toilet!

Dry toilet in ceramic
Used with our without water or electricity!
Urine diverting
Odor free
Flush in the urine bowl (optional)
Dry waste that makes it really smooth to handle

EcoDry is perfect as:

  • A more luxurious toilet for the cottage or holiday home! 

  • An extremely eco-friendly toilet. No chemicals. Full recycling.

  • The comfortable alternative that anyone can use all the time!

  • The far better choice instead of incineration toilets, outhouses, freeze toilets and composting toilets... 

Arakan Eco Lodge where they use the EcoDry toilet:

Arakan Eco Lodge Video

The true eco-toilet for convenient recycling!

The urine is separated from the feces
Urine separation makes it possible to get completely odorless waste and to use the urine as fertilizer.

Feces are collected in a container below the floor
The fecal matter falls into a container, where it is partially dried out. A fan on the container is highly recommended for a completely dodorless waste, and for bacteria and viruses to be eliminated. A container of 80-100 liters takes about 3 months to fill up (normal family). When the container is full the feces are usually very dry and weighs only 10-20 kilograms (when using a fan).

Flushing is possible
If you have access to water - flushing in the urine bowl is possible. If not, use a cup of water to rinse the water trap in the urine bowl to avoid urine odor and crystallization in the urine pipe.



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