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Freeze 2000

(To purchase Call +45 60931453 or email us at backlund@backlund.dk)

Separett Freeze is a freezer toilet suitable for whoever wants a toilet solution that doesn’t require any fixed installation. It only needs a power point in order to work and can easily be moved around as required. Neither run-off nor ventilation is required.

Freeze functions like a freezer. After use the waste is frozen and becomes odourless. You don’t require either a run-off or ventilation.

The inner container that can be covered with our compostable latrine bag, and emptied into a latrine compost when full. See our Roslagscompost on page 29.

Freeze is well suited both as a temporary toilet solution, with different kinds of bathroom renovations and as a permanent toilet solution primarily in second homes. It can also be used as an extra toilet or night toilet.


Video Freeze 2000

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