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Selected Smart Sustainable Site Specific Sanitary Systems Toilet & Willow Systems

Ecological/Sustainable Sanitation - Toilet Systems

Backlund Ecology has for 32 years played an important role in R & D concerning adjusting existing Sanitary Systems to demands for Sustainability and Ecology as well as carrying out Research on and Development of Ecological Sanitation (Ecosan) including implementation trying to Eliminate Systematically Obstacles (See PROJECTS, REPORTS and ARTICLES).

Energy Willows can be Irrigated with Pre Treated Wastewater, Urine and good quality Sludge instead of using potable water and bringing new nutrients in circulation. Backlund Ecology has participated in R & D projects to Investigate Benefits and Obstacles and is ready to help Implementing the Systems (See PROJECTS, REPORTS and ARTICLES).

Diverting Waterless Toilet Systems

Diverting Waterless Composting Toilet Systems are Economical and Ecological Sanitary Solutions for houses not connected to a Sewage System. Urine is collected and stored in separate containers. The container for collecting/composting feces can be integrated in the toilet stool or positioned under the stool. The system can be a batch system handling small or big containers or big continuous systems where the oldest material are handled. Composting can also be performed in an extern container.

Diverting and Ultra Low Flushing Toilet Systems

Diverting & Ultra Low Flushing Toilet Systems can be used with or without sewage systems where the strategy is to divert urine and reduce water consumption. Options to separate feces and paper from flush water can be considered with a "SEPARATOR". Dewatering and composting can be considered in a "SAV 1"

Diverting/Uniting Vacuum On Demand (VOD) Direct Vacuum Toilet Systems

A Direct Vacuum System is a complete system for one toilet eliminating disturbances from valves, parts in a big system or other user units. The system is used in areas without sewer to overcome difficult typographical or subsurface conditions, to save water and to collect a limited and concentrated amount of material in a collection tank reducing volumes to empty.

Composting Container

  • Roslagskomposten
  • Separettkomposten
  • Biokub
Waterless Urinals

Waterless Urinals are mounted to reduce water consumption and reduce crystallization in the system but can also be a mostly efficient way of collecting urine to use as a fertilizer for agricultural purposes.

Willow Wastewater Evapotranspiration Systems

Zero Discharge Short Rotation Willow Watewater Evaporation Systems is an ecological way of handling domestic or some of the domestic wastewater streams to high requirements.

Waste to Energy

Willow Plantations irrigated and fertilized with wastewater, sludge and human urine                                                                                                                  

Short Rotation  Energy willows can be irrigated with pre treated wastewater, urine and good quality sludge instead of using potable water and bringing new nutrients in circulation. BACKLUND has participated in R & D projects to investigate benefits and obstacles and is ready to help implementing the systems (See PROJECTS, REPORTS and ARTICLES).

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