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Only flush where it´s needed.

The average person does about 6 toilet visits per day, whereas only one of them is feces and five of them is urine. To clean only the urine bowl requires very little water - therefore the smartest way to flush is to direct the water where it is needed and not flush the entire bowl.

Small flush ≈ 0,3 Liter:
The small flush comes from the front of the bowl, rinses the urin bowl and water trap – and some of the water smoothly flows over the edge to the big bowl. To maintain maximum hygiene it is key that some water pours over the edge to keep everything clean. EcoFlush does that.

Big flush ≈ 2,5 Liter
The big flush uses about 2,5 Liter and rinses the entire bowl including the urine part and water trap. The big flush is used similarly to a classic WC – but uses less water even on the main flush thanks to uniquely designed flush canals inside the ceramic.

How to count:
A regular toilet uses about 6 liters of water per flush. A large and unnecessary amount of water that is completely unnecessary. Nowadays, there are also dual-flush toilets called "low-flush toilets" which consumes 3 and 6 liters (small / large) flush or 2 and 4 liters. EcoFlush goes much further than that. Thanks to a unique design in the tank, flush channels and in the bowl, it uses only 0.3 and 2.5 liters (small / large). It gives an average of less than 1 liter per flush! A revolution in the toilet industry.

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