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Apartments in Hyldespjaeldet - Albertslund Denmark

In 1999 10 EcoFlush were installed in apartments as a part of a project where Arne as a sustainable sanitation expert was a part of the steering group. Backlund Ecology delivered the 10 EcoFlush together with 5 3m3 urine collection tanks.

In 2017 the housing organization decided to update with 10 new EcoFlush of the new model.

The apartments in Hyldespjaeldet we love to visit with national and international guest investigating ecological sanitation with ultra low flush toilets.

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10 families have donated 160000 litres of high quality liquid organic fertilizer (human urine + some flush water) to research fields close by.

Albertslund har leveret ca. 160.000 liter høj kvalitativ flydende organisk gødning (urin) til forsøgsmarker i Taastrup

EcoFlush toilet - How to flush

Study trip to Denmark and Sweden hopefully generating French, Swedish & Danish cooperation re. source separating systems diverting human urine

Taking a study group from France and Sweden on a trip to Denmark visiting and discussing urine separating systems