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Lunark Moonhabitat 

After testing dimensions and testing sitting on our diverting waterless Separett Villa 9010 and Separett Weekend 7010 in the very tiny entrance area Separett Weekend 7010 was chosen in the project due to the very limited space. Our upcoming Separett Tiny is especially constructed to be installed under conditions like here - further more with options of external as well as internal urine collection containers.

Sebastian and Karl are stating below regarding our advice and our toilet  after returning from testing for two month in Northern Greenland:

"The toilet was one of our biggest worries before we went out on our expedition: would the smell irritate us for a long time in the tiny room? With professional help from Backlund Ecology it turned out not to be a problem- it was so easy to install their toilet to start using it. The dry toilet worked impeccable even in the rough arctic environment where we spent so many hours indoors and without any smell to annoy us.”

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LUNARK Building and testing a Moon Habitat in Quaanaaq North Greenland