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Moen Homestead Museum - Stege Denmark

Installing the sanitary system in 1999 was a part of a project as an advisor to the county Storstroem in Denmark worked out for the Danish EPA. The sanitary system has been used by visitors since then.

“The National Danish Environmental Protection Agency - Project M226-0029 Collection, Storage and Fertizing with Human Urine from the Homestead Moen Museum.

In order to clarify how urine may be recycled in Denmark, the Møn Museum/the "Museumsgården", The Green Guide of Møn,  Storstrøm County and BACKLUND ( A & B BACKLUND ApS) has initiated the project "Collection, storage and application of urine from the Møns Museumsgård". Together they developed and planned the project. The project was carried out from 1998 – 2002.

The composition of the wastewater of the "Museumsgården" is a high quantity of urine and a small quantity of an undistinguished substance of wastewater, which makes the separation of urine by way of source segregation toilets and the utilization of nutrients reasonable.

Contrary to a private house, there will be many different users of the toilets at a museum. This fact made it possible to test a diverting wastewater system under somewhat difficult circumstances. One of the purposes of the project was to collect experience in the installation and use of a source diverting toilet system, including a waterless urinal, at the "Museumsgården" and to compare this to experience from Sweden. Another purpose was to examine the constituents of the urine, including whether the contents of nutrients, heavy metals, micro organisms and organic substances alien to the environment will change during storage.Moreover, the collected urine was compared to other urine mixtures and fertilizers on the basis of these parameters.

The toilet system of the "Museumsgården" was established in April 1999. Experience from the installation and operation has been collected during the opening seasons of 1999 and 2000, and partly during 2001. The investigations, methods and results are described in a report and in articles.

Holtze, A., Backlund, A. 2002: Collection, Storage and Application of Urine from the Møn Museumsgård. The National Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Denmark. Sustainable Urban Renewal and Wastewater Treatment no. 23, 2002. Online publication. Report in Danish with an English summary.


Experiences from five Danish projects with ecological sanitation using diverting systems - Gust lecturing at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Rusia 2002

Backlund, A., Holtze, A. 2001: Diverting Toilet Systems  –  Quality of  Collected Urine Mixture Compared To Other Organic Fertilizers. Proceedings of KALMAR ECO-TECH´01 - Leachate and Waste Water Treatment with High-Tech and Natural Systems. The 3rd international conference on the establishment of cooperation between companies/institutions in the Nordic Countries in the Baltic Sea Region November 26 to 28, 2001, Kalmar, Sweden.

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