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Munksoegaard EcoVillage - Roskilde Denmark

Backlund Ecology has delivered about 100 diverting ultra low flush EcoFlush diverting ultra low flush toilets to apartments and common houses in the ecovillage community.

The ecovillage is one of our prefered references to show having national and international visitors interested in sustainable sanitation saving drinking water and with the option of peecycling collecting human urine to be used as fertilizer.

EcoVillage Munksoegaard - Collecting human urine from 100 EcoFlush toilets

Beer- and FoodCycling in Roskilde Denmark

Study trip to Denmark and Sweden hopefully generating French, Swedish & Danish cooperation re. source separating systems diverting human urine

Taking a study group from France and Sweden on a trip to Denmark visiting and discussing urine separating systems

EcoFlush toilet - How to flush