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RoofTop Farm & Restaurant OesterGro - Copenhagen Denmark

This is such a wonderful place on a rooftop in Copenhagen and we are so happy working with them from the start advising and supporting sanitation regarding toilet solutions.

They started with a Separett Villa. They were happy with this but later wanted an EcoFlush ultra low flush toilet in order to use a surplus of collected rainwater. Meeting demands from authorities on handicap access to and in the toilet building they needed a toilet with a higher and horizontal outlet. 

Read more about the rooftop farm here:


Visiting Amazing @OsterGro ØsterGro RoofTop Farm with Wonderful Dining at @GroSpiseri

ØSTERGRO RoofTop Farm in Copenhagen with an Ultra Water Saving EcoFlush Toilet from Backlund Ecology

RoofTop Farm Østergro, Copenhagen

Sustainable Sanitation On The Top High Up On A RoofTop In Copenhagen

Have you seen our toilet at GRO / Gro Spiseri? You Can save up to 90% water if you replace you’re old waterflushing toilet with an EcoFlush toilet.