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Tiny House "The tiny potential"

This is Marie and Peters Off Grid Tiny House "The tiny potential" with a diverting waterless Separett Villa 9010 toilet solution from Backlund Ecology.


The couple - with a background from respectively permaculture,  sustainability and the other as an outdoor teacher and kitesurf instructor - had no previous experience starting up a “big” tiny house building project from scratch.

Marie and Peter had a dream of improving future options to live by own values limiting housing area, climate footprint and expenditures.


Their Tiny House on wheels has 20 m2 inside + sleeping loft.

The house is built from breathable materials, clay walls and ventilation windows. The big windows are oriented to allow the sun from the south passively warm up the clay walls in the winter at the same time in close contact with outside life and nature. 


Marie and Peter put wheels on their Tiny House dreaming about flexibility moving their house close to dreaming jobs or the perfect spot out in nature.


They describe freedom in a Tiny House: If we would like to work a few hours, work for free or to start a small business our Tiny House is a good starter not being dependent on income from day 1. Simplicity and minimalism is the goal and we find great relief in and freedom having an overview and knowing that everything you own is important”.