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2019 - PeeCycling in small villages and in schools in Uganda

October 2019: Arne is for 2 weeks travelling around in Eastern Uganda to teach "Ecological Sanitation" and to start up projects PeeCycling human urine to be used in school gardens and by subsistence farming on small plots in the countryside.  Here just some links to postings from the period and working with so many wonderful people: 

Presenting Ecological Sanitation & PeeCycling human urine in schools to be used as fertilizer in school gardens in Uganda

Backlund Ecology Turning Lodges into EcoLodges or improving existing EcoLodges around the world with among others Ecological Sanitation -Now in Uganda

Come visit the wonderful Abayudaya Guest House on Nabugoye Hill in Uganda

So happy having so many farmers from such a small village attending a class learning PeeCycling human urine to farming and Ecological Sanitation

So nice to meet with the great organization "Global Village Connect"​ from Minnesota, US in Iganga and Buyanga, Uganda to visit their project

Visiting the beautiful touristic site Sipi Falls in Uganda to investigate options to establish Backlund Ecology Site Specific Ecological Sanitation

PeeCycling human urine - now in Namutumba, Uganda

Finally meeting great people and a great organisation in Uganda I have been corresponding with for more than a year.

So wonderful teaching different communities and different religions PeeCycling human urine to farming

Bringing my Separett Rescue Camping UDDMT from the cold north to Equator in Uganda for field work

Cooperation and Education on PeeCycling Human Urine as Fertilizer in School Gardens & Subsistence AgroEcology in Uganda