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"On-Site Wastewater Treatment Research" "Assessment of disposal options for treated wastewater from single houses on low permeability subsoils". Research project "Science, Technology, Research & Innovation for the Environment" (STRIVE - Irish Environmental Protection Agency).

Backlund Ecology takes part with 3 Irish Universities in the project (2011 - 2015) in Ireland for the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. Arne Backlund is a part of the Project Team as an Extern Expert Contributing with Knowledge about Zero Discharge Willow Evapotranspiration Systems, Multifunctional Short Rotation Willow Plantations and Sustainable Sanitary Solutions. 

Laurence Gill et al 2015: Assessment of disposal options for treated waste water from single houses in low permeable soils. EPA Ireland Research Report No. 161

Dr Donata Dubber and Dr Laurence Gill 2013: Water saving technologies to reduce water consumption and wastewater production in Irish households. EPA Ireland STRIVE Research Series Report No. 108